Brillant Young Alaina and SD Harmony

GUESS WHO PASSED THEIR PUBLIC ACCESS TEST? BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT YOUNG ALAINA, who suffers from severe anxiety, AND HER SERVICE DOG, HARMONY! Alaina’s dad, Wounded Warrior Andrew, has had SD Rio for a long time, so Rio, Andrew, and Alaina’s mom, Danielle, consistently helped Alaina during her training. Rio showed Harmony “the ropes”. But I can’t say enough about wonderful Alaina – she has been dedicated to the training process since day one a while ago, and her love for dogs and her intelligence are what made the training sessions truly unbelievable for a girl her age who is so mature. We did testing in several areas over time, but the final PAT took place at Walmart. Harmony passed every single command with ALAINA at the helm – she can go from fun-loving young lady to serious trainer in a second! I am SO proud of all she has done and seriously hopes she goes into the field of dog training or veterinary medicine someday – she’s a natural!!!