Nova and handler, Wounded Warrior Sean

From our trainer Candace, in Ft. Worth, who is training Nova for handler, Wounded Warrior Sean!

“The Morrison Family is doing a remarkable job with Nova. They, like other families, have a problem with motivating their SDiT with treats. This can be a blessing in disguise, as treats need to be removed from a SDiT’s reinforcement options as quickly as possible. But now that brings up the dilemma, “What can we do to get Nova excited about working?” The answer: A water hose! The girl goes crazy for it! Not only is it a bonding experience for Sean and Nova, it can be used to instill instant command reaction, which is something they are working on. They have made visible progress with Nova’s strength and endurance program. She is filling out in the shoulders and they are wrapping her front leg to protect joint integrity. She is also on a working dog’s diet, which she puts to great use running around with the family’s other dog. She is really doing great. Other things discussed were Nova accompanying Sean to work, at least for half days. I am anxious to hear how that goes! For now, the Morrison’s are set with the basics and are fine-tuning her command work and leash walking. They have a long road ahead of them, but they are dedicated individuals. Keep up the great work, Sean and Dawn!”


Nova the trifecta - Tripawd Dog