Carol and her SDIT, Kensi

From our trainer Andrew, who is working with Carol and her SDIT, Kensi:

“This is a write up for two sessions with Carol and her SDIT Kensi. The first session was spent at Petsmart and the World Market next door. We mostly practiced basic obedience, but also manners work with other dogs and distractions with people around. Kensi did very for well, but her attention easily wanders. She has a decent sit/stay and an acceptable down/stay. She has a bit of an issue pulling on the leash, but we bought a Martingale collar to use as a training collar.

The second session with Carol and Kensi took place at Petsmart for an hour, then we went and had dinner at Red Robin for the duration of the session. Kensi’s training went very well this time. We worked on reinforcing the initial obedience work during the first part of our session, and Kensi was spectacular! When we went into Red Robin, where we were well received. Kensi went right under the table and laid there the entire time; she didn’t even ask for food – and when the staff reached under to pet her after asking, she received it perfectly. I believe that Carol and Kensi are almost ready to take the Public Access Test, and I will be requesting it soon!!