Max has found the perfect home

If you all remember, our very first SDE client, Michelle, who suffered from severe psychiatric and physical disabilities, and her dear husband, Ed, adopted “Max”, and passed the PAT. We found out recently that Ed had unexpectedly passed away, and Michelle had a nervous breakdown and had to surrender Max. It was devastating, especially because the family she surrendered her amazing Service Dog to had no way for us to contact her. The family located us from Max’s paperwork, and we went to pick up Max so he could continue his Service Work.

Max has found the perfect home! Laurie’s client, Nette, who suffers from a blood clotting disorder and is about to finish the PAT with her dog, Ella, knew that her husband, Thomas, a firefighter and EMS, needed a Service Dog. They came and spent a lot of time together, and it is working out wonderfully!!

Nette writes:

“Max is doing wonderful! I cannot express to you how grateful I am and how much Max has helped Thomas. We have some things to work on with him, for which we will schedule some future sessions, but it seemed important to first establish a routine and let him get used to everything and put some weight on the poor guy!! Thomas and Max have really bonded. Ella LOVES Max, although I don’t always feel the sentiment is mutual lol.  Once Ella understood she is still “my person” she’s ok. Ella is having a biopsy next week for a lump the vet found last week at her annual checkup, so please say some extra prayers for her. They did bloodwork which the vet stated wasn’t conclusive so we will just have to wait and see. Max is amazing, and Thomas and Max are a perfect pair – Max is extremely attentive already to Thomas’ needs!”

We are so happy that Max is able to continue his amazing abilities as a Service Dog. Nette was kind enough to send back Max’s original collar that Michelle had specially made for him. I will always wonder where and how Michelle is, still mourn the loss of her husband, Ed, who had become a good friend to us, but the spirit lives on in Max – and we know Thomas and the entire family will give Max the same kind of love Michelle and Ed gave him.