Joshua and SDiT Olaf

From our wonderful trainer, Kendra, in Houston, who is working with Joshua and his SDIT, Olaf! Joshua suffers with PTSD and TBI. Kendra writes:

“Joshua had two meet and greets with Olaf at Olaf’s rescue and at Joshua’s home to let the their other dog meet Olaf. It went awesome!

Olaf was attached to Joshua immediately; he stayed next to him for most of the sessions! While we were talking, Olaf just sat on Joshua’s feet and stayed there while we spoke. Joshua tried out the commands that Olaf knows, which are “sit” and “down”. It was raining and cold, so Olaf was reluctant to lay down on the cold wet concrete, but he did! And he sits beautifully for Joshua. Olaf takes treats very gently, and was just so focused on Joshua. Olaf kept looking up to check on my him, and and I noticed Olaf nuzzled Joshua’s hand a couple of times while we were all talking to get his attention. They played a little bit, and Joshua took Olaf on a short walk to test his leash skills. The only one habit we will have to break that Olaf is so bonded that he walks leaning into you, and some times it can trip you. So we will train him to walk touching Joshua’s leg, but not pushing into the leg. Olaf also loves to sit in between Joshua’s legs, and Joshua didn’t seem to mind at all. The bond was strong! I just know you will see it in these pictures. These pictures are worth more than anything I could say!”