Marissa and her Cane Corso Titan

A wonderful update from our dear client in Houston, Marissa, who suffers from Regional Complex Pain Disorder, and her SDIT, Cane Corso, “Titan”. They have been training with our trainer, Kendra.

“After my pain stimulator implant surgery, my partner, Daniel, brought my manual wheelchair in so it’s easier for me to walk around the house. I had been trying to use my crutches… It was causing more pain. And Titan is now associating the sound of me putting the foot rest on the recliner down to me needing his help to stand up! We have had a few times, when I first had Daniel put Titan’s vest on, that Titan wasn’t completely understanding why it was taking me so long to stand up or sit down – and he would either sit down or try to move away. But I think we’ve got it now. I pull on the gently on the handle on his vest to help pull myself forward (something we have never worked on) and he automatically leans away in order to steady both of us. Of course, Daniel is here to help just in case, but Titan is doing so well we don’t need extra help a whole lot!

When I am trying to walk around the house, Titan sometimes walks behind me and other times he sits in the middle of the living room watching me.

I was worried that me being in so much pain would make Titan want to be right on top of me and that I would end up hurting even more from worrying that he would jump on me or something. But nope. He stays near by but not in the way.

All these boys are so good to me. Daniel makes sure I have anything and everything I need. Titan helps me stand and sit and scoot forward and I pet him to keep my mind off the pain!(although he is now trying to force us to pet him.- but Ms. Kendra has given us some tips on how to correct that). And Dawson my, min pin mix? Well he’s just Dawson.  He cuddles with me when I hurt and I pet him to try to get my mind off the pain. “