Aimee and Sammie

Great news! Our client, Aimee, at the San Antonio State Hospital and her team of doctors, caseworkers, and nurses are doing a wonderful job with our client’s new SDIT, Sammie!! Our client had many months of practice taking care of a dog when her extremely forward-thinking doctor thought the idea of a Service Dog – the first on campus in the hospital’s over 100-year history – would be therapeutic and a wonderful idea for those patients who will be eventually leaving the hospital to live on their own! Aimee and Sammie bonded SO well, and Aimee just loved all the kisses Sammie kept giving Aimee! Aimee is very intelligent, and also had read and memorized the training manual sent to her and her team far ahead of time. Aimee knew how to do hand and verbal signals for sit, down, and heeled perfectly with Sammie. She even went out with one of her caseworkers and bought Sammie a delightful pink dress and bow for her hair – Sammie looked stunning! They are learning about each other daily and learning each other’s routines – and once this two week bonding period is done, I will start formal training with Aimee. In the meantime, Aimee’s doctor said they are very happy!!!!