Kerri and her Corgi/Border Collie mix, “Bandit”

From our wonderful trainer, Beverli! She is working with Kerri and her Corgi/Border Collie mix, “Bandit”.  Kerri suffers from Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Panic Attacks, and PTSD.

Beverli writes:

“Today, at Kerri’s home, we worked on the following commands: “cover”, “touch”, “stay”, and “give”. We worked very hard on Bandit’s ability to STAY while in a sitting position. He does well when he’s laying down and asked to stay, but from a sit was a little difficult for him. He was doing very well by the end of the session. We also introduced “cover” during our last session, and by this week, he has it nearly mastered!

Bandit will need more work with stay, both from a sit and stay in public places. We will work more on this during our next session. Bandit seems to have made huge strides with “cover” since last session, and is doing increasingly well with the ‘touch’ command.

For homework, Kerri and Bandit will work more on stay and cover, and ask him to “touch” at random, while at home and in public.”