Jordan and her American Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix, Bella.

From our trainer Terry, in El Paso, who had his first intake session and assessment with Jordan and her American Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix, “Bella”. Jordan was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, but the doctors are still trying to figure out what kind and how to treat it. Right now, she is experiencing about 4 seizures a week, one of which she was sent to the ER because she stopped breathing and turned blue. Jordan struggles to walk and maintain balance, so sometimes she has to use a transport wheelchair. She had to take this semester off of college as she cannot focus or read well.

Terry writes:

“Today, I provided an assessment for trainability and temperament of 5 year-old Bella and an intake for her owner, Jordan at her home. A temperament test was performed on Bella, and she passed with no issues to record. Bella has had some good basic training from Jordan already, and has a knowledge of basic obedience commands, and upon command, executes them to a good degree of accuracy. From observation, I could detect a strong instinctive bond between owner Jordan and Bella, and Bella’s strong willingness to assist and please Jordan.

Bella is a medium-sized dog, and the living arrangement inside the home is good for Bella. The house has a nicely sized back yard, with a rock wall with no holes where the dog might escape or be placed in danger while playing or exercising in the back yard area. In addition, Jordan takes the Bella out for walks and to the dog park to socialize with other dogs. Bella was checked for any skin discoloration, scars, protruding bones, teeth decay, and any other sign that might indicate a pending health risk, and there was none found. All vaccinations and monthly preventatives are in order, and from all indications, I could see how eager both Jordan and Bella are to get started. In my professional observation and opinion, I would recommend Jordan and her dog Bella for the Service Dog Express Training Program.

Kindest regards