Happy Day For Marc and Genevieve

A happy day for Marc, a Wounded Warrior who spent 20 years in the Marines and suffers from PTSD. He found a “battle buddy” in Genevieve!!! He drove down from Austin to first meet Nelly, whom Cherry Jenkins with In Dog We Trust graciously lent her time to see if it was a match, but it just wasn’t the “right” dog for Marc’s particular situation. It’s always important that each client feels completely secure in their choice of dog, and Nelly WILL find that special someone – thank you Cherry. However, then Marc met with Genevieve’s foster from S.A. Rocks, and they spent time together – Genevieve was quite shy at first, but after talking with Marc on his drive home to Ft. Worth, where he is a Nursing Student, the bond is beginning to grow. It was wonderful talking to him – he understood that Genevieve and he will learn and grow and train and bond together – making mistakes together, and having triumphs together. He said it was just like being in the Marines and learning with your actual battle buddies. I have no doubt that Marc and Genevieve will thrive with the help of trainer Candace. Please wish them the best of luck!!!