Hannah and Addie

From our trainer in Austin, who is working with Hannah, who is a delightful 16 year old who unfortunately suffers from anxiety, night terrors, and PTSD.  Her SDIT is Addie!


I had a session with Hannah and Addie on Sunday. Addie is a beautiful 6 month-old German Shepherd who has grown tremendously and knows her basics very well. Hannah had concerns about Addie being overly excitable when out in public. Addie gets excited when she sees other dogs and people and starts to bark and jump in the air, which of course a Service Dog cannot do.

I worked with Addie out in a public park on a 20ft long leash so we could practice recalls. I also wanted to tire Addie out. I made sure I saw people or dogs walk by, had my hand pre-loaded with treats, and treated Addie rapidly as they walked by. I would treat her for no reaction and pretty soon, she caught on and started to turn her attention back to me! This is a technique I recommend clients try out. Hannah felt a lot better after the session, knowing it can be managed.

We also worked on leave it, stays, and eye contact. Addie’s eye contact is amazing!”