Andrew and SD M-ozzie

Look at this beautiful letter Wounded Warrior Andrew, who was paired with Ozzie (now called Mozzie) while at Laurel Ridge, wrote to Ozzie’s previous owner. Andrew is doing wonderfully, and has found a superb Service Dog trainer in North Carolina. I spoke for about two hours with this trainer, and he said Mozzie is brilliant and will make an excellent SD – and that Andrew is completely committed to the process!“Hi Nikki!

I thought I’d send you another update.

I just started training today with Mozzie, (added an M, he doesn’t seem to mind too much , and he’s picking things up really quickly. It was only the first class, but we rehashed proper grooming/handling inspections (ears, eyes, nose, paws, tail, etc.), sitting and standing, and how to potty on command!

I’m currently staying with a couple from our church, and Mozzie is really feeling at home with two other dogs, Kuma and Nala. Kuma is the family’s grumpy old man, but Mozzie and Nala like to chase each other around and play all the time!

We’ve been to the vet for a few shots, had an accident or two in the house, but otherwise have been getting along splendidly. Now that training has begun, I only expect the bond to continue to grow between us.

We go for walks twice a day, and Mozzie goes everywhere with me. To the grocery store, to work, the doctor’s office, even to the bathroom with me!

Thank you again for everything, I hope you and your family are well!