Emmett and SD Daphne

From our delightful client, Emmett, who has SD Daphne! Emmett suffers from PTSD and anxiety. Emmett is so completely in love with Daphne, a pit bull originally saved by Cherry Jenkins and her rescue, In Dog We Trust, from a puppy mill. Daphne is equally in love with Emmett! They make a WONDERFUL pair – and Daphne always knows when Emmett is anxious and immediately responds with comfort.

“Hello Laurie! Just wanted to send you a quick update. Classes started Monday here on campus, and Daphne has been going to all of mine with me. She curls up at my feet under the table if space permits or to the side of my desk. She responds very well to hand signals (i.e. Sit (fist), down (two finger taps on floor), under/in (1 snap and point in any direction)). She is getting better and better at walking in a heel without much direction. She is fully switched over to grain-free food, so she’s not “passing gas” so much. All in all, it’s going great! I will start teaching children as part of my education, and will be bringing Daphne!”