Chris and SDiT Harley

From our wonderful trainer, Andrew, who is working with Chris, who needs a medical alert dog for her chronic pain and other health issues, and her SDIT, “Harley”.

“During this session, I evaluated Harley for the Public Access Test, as Chris told me when we spoke on the phone that Harley already knew all the commands in the manual. It turned out that Harley was in fact already ready for the test, so we made an appointment for the following Tuesday. The only thing that Harley needed to work on was a bit more focus and being able to listen to Chris when excited. This we went over during the rest of our session.

The Public Access Test went very well – both Chris and Harley passed with flying colors. I followed the Assistance Dog International checklist for all the commands, and they performed each one flawlessly. They are a great team, and I am very proud of them for having all the ground work laid out for Harley to become a fully-fledged Service Dog!