Candice and Trenton

From our wonderful trainer, Cherry, who is working with Candice, who has Bi-polar disorder and anxiety, and her SDIT, Trenton.

I had a great session yesterday with Candice and her SDIT, Trenton. Trenton is a Corgi-Lab mix, and can certainly have his.. “I’m a Corgi” days. But Candice has kept consistent with training, and didn’t let Trenton have his way – and the results show for themselves.
At first, Trenton refused to walk next to the shopping cart, this is very natural for many dogs.. I mean who wants to walk along with this big wire thing in their face? But I showed Candice the importance of keeping a short leash; the less leash the less room he has to move out from position. Trenton soon got the hang of it and was walking next to the cart like a pro!

Trenton’s off-leash work was very good as seen here in the pictures. He wasn’t tempted to walk away and kept by Candice. The gap needs shortening, as we’re looking for a neater heel off-leash – but Candice says she’s going to work on that. Trenton’s “sits”, “downs”, and “stays” were flawless!