Choxi – Ambassador For Changing Hospital Rules

An update from our trainer, Cherry, and her client Kelsie, who suffers from PTSD, with SDIT, Choxi!

“Had a wonderful training session with Kelsie and sweet Choxi this evening! We met at Bill Millers restaurant. Choxi recognized me instantly, which touched my heart. Even so, I still asked Kelsie if it was ok to pet her because although I was also Choxi’s rescuer as well as her trainer, she is now Kelsie’s SDIT and I had to respect that. Kelsie, however, allowed me to pet sweet Choxi and after our hello’s, we went into the restaurant.

Kelsie showed me Choxi’s perfect heel as we walked through the restaurant, and Choxi sat patiently by her as she stood and read the menu. After choosing what we wanted, Choxi walked again in a great heel to the table and settled down quietly under her chair. There was very little room in the tightly crowded tables and chairs and the table legs made it impossible for Choxi to go under the table, but Kelsie gave her the down command and Choxi complied beautifully, fitting underneath as much as she could!
During our meal, Kelsie and I chatted about the many benefits of having Choxi and how she had changed Kelsie’s life. “I cant see life without her now”, she told me.

Then she told me a story that had me in tears. Kelsie is a pastor at a hospital. One day while on duty, she went to give comfort to a family who had lost a family member. Two children were there grieving over the loss of their father. Choxi instinctively went to the children and nudged them with her nose. “The children stopped crying,” Kelsie said. “Although they were grief stricken, Choxi offered them comfort and they responded. She’s amazing.”

She also told me something equally as incredible. Choxi’s influence in the hospital has actually made the hospital director change his policy for staff with Service Dogs! “He’s now not only going to allow them, but he is going to encourage them!” Kelsie told me. Choxi is now the ambassador for changing hospital rules!!!

Kelsie is leaving for a while and returning in December, when she wants to have Choxi’s Public Access Test. “I think more people will miss Choxi than ME!” she said laughing.

Kelsie suffers from PTSD, and Kelsie said that Choxi has dramatically changed her anxiety levels to an all time low! Choxi gives snuggles and kisses on command as one of her three tasks, as well as ‘covering’ and alerting Kelsie when she’s going to have a panic attack.

The bond between these two is spectacular. I can’t wait for December to come so I can see these two again!”