Brooklyn and Starlette

From trainer Andrew, who is working with Brooklyn, a Wounded Warrior who suffers from PTSD, flashbacks, nightmares, anger and anxiety outbreaks. Andrew writes:

“I had another session with Brooklyn and his Service Dog in Training, Starlette. We went over what we had previously worked on: basic obedience and loose leash walking and controlled entry into a doorway. We also went over some new homework for them which consists of a food on the floor game to teach Starlette to begin discriminating food not given by her handler and food given by the handler. We worked on a find your spot game, and a restrained recall game so as to build drive and focus on her handler. We talked about finding ways to build toy drive and talked about what is and is not accept able to chase, and what particular dog behaviors that we could use as a reward in times of play so that Starlette could just be a dog.”