Alex, and his SDIT, Rottweiler “Meadow”

From our super trainer, Beverli, who is working with Client Alex, and his SDIT, Rottweiler “Meadow”. Alex has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis, sclerosis, depression, and anxiety. He has a permanent brace that he has to wear, and has to walk with a cane or a walker; sometimes when the pain is too much, he has to use a wheelchair. He needs help with balance and mobility and help with picking up items from the ground when he drops them.

Beverli writes:

“On our third session, we covered basic obedience; “sit”, “sit/stay”, “down/stay” (both while Alex was in sight and out of sight), and restaurant etiquette. We also walked through the mall, going into several stores and ate lunch in this very crowded environment. Meadow showed excellent improvement in all areas, especially “watch me”. She broke her “down/stay” while Alex was out of sight only a few times, so they will be working on that. Overall, both Alex and Meadow did a fantastic job in this very distractible environment.

Their homework is to continue working on the slow heel that Alex needs, working on staying under the table at all times while eating, and teaching “fetch” and “give” to help with object pick up for Alex.”