Yolanda and SDiT Dante

A write-up from our trainer, Beverly, who is working with Wounded Warrior, Yolanda.

“While Yolanda was having and recovering from major surgery she sent Dante to a local trainer to stay for 2 weeks. Dante was PERFECT in the store and his handsome good looks got a lot of attention. We reviewed all aspects of the PAT and discussed restaurant behaviors. Although she practices at home, Yolanda didn’t want to take Dante out to a restaurant as she did not want the hassle of people giving her a hard time. I gave her several of the ADA law cards and SDE business cards and discussed with her what to say to defuse difficult situations and what to do if a business refused her service.

Next session will be the PAT as Dante is a very well-behaved, stately SD who is highly bonded to Yolanda. She also states he already wakes her from nightmares, detects her migraines when they are coming on and appropriately responds to her anxiety by nudging and distracting her. Dante is AWESOME!