Wounded Warrior Krisia and SDIT, Corgi “Bear”.

From our trainer, Emmett, in Austin, who had his first session with Wounded Warrior Krisia and her SDIT, Corgi “Bear”. Krisia suffers from Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Emmett writes:

Today I assessed Bear, a five year old Corgi, as a potential Service Dog candidate at Krisia’s home. He greeted me very gently and insisted on cuddling against my side. He has no history of aggression toward people or other animals. From the get-go, it was very apparent that Bear and Krisia are bonded strongly. He follows her around wherever she goes and flips into her lap when she sits down! He allowed me to touch all over his body including his legs and mouth without issues. Krisia also had her training contract ready for me when I arrived. I think these two will make a wonderful team!

Bear will need to work on heeling on a leash and appropriately responding to other dogs in public settings. He tends to get very excited and bark at passerby’s; not in an aggressive way, but more so in a “come play with me!” way.

Krisia will be ordering a vest for Bear as well as picking up some training treats and other essential equipment. We have a training scheduled for next week. I must say – Bear is quite possibly the cutest Corgi I have ever seen in my life!”