Wounded Warrior Jose and Dixie

From our trainer, Andrew, who is starting training with Wounded Warrior, Jose. Jose has a TBI and left side weakness. His balance is off on uneven surfaces, and he says that “feeling the wet nose of my dog always calms me down.”

“This was my initial session with Jose and his SDIT, Dixie. Dixie is a very smart lab mix, and she learns extremely quickly. When I met her, she had already learned “sit” and “down”, and responds to the words without a need for a hand gesture. Jose and I discussed the difference between “wait” and “stay”, and we went over some proper leash maneuvers. I introduced them to the game “take it” to make their sessions fun, and we worked on teaching the Dixie to sit when we stop walking and before entering a door. Both Jose and Dixie are very enthusiastic about the work we have begun, and I foresee accomplishing our Public Access Test very quickly.”