Wounded Warrior Blake with SDIT Zoid

From our dear, beloved client, Wounded Warrior Blake, with SDIT Zoid. We will miss you, Blake!!! We are all praying for your health, strength, and that this move will make your life easier!! Of course – we will continue contact with you and answer any questions you have concerning Zoid and making sure he passes his PAT! Remember that you can legally train your own SD – but we will Skype with you or you can send us videos of you and Zoid performing all the Public Access Test tasks. We are all just a phone call or email away – especially our wonderful trainer, shown in the picture, Brenda, who has been working with you and can help you the most because she has a SD and is permanently in a wheelchair – and thriving, just like you will!!! We love you, Blake!!!!

“Just emailing you to let you know that I may have to make the move to Arkansas to stay with my family for the foreseeable future. I really wanted to stay but with my health it’s not really possible. I want to of course keep Zoid and continue training and to have him pass the test. I’m not sure what we can do but if there is anything we can do to continue training, or any recommendations for me that would be great! Thanks for everything you, Service Dog Express, In Dog We Trust, and everyone who helped bring Zoid and I together. If it wasn’t for him, I honestly don’t think I would be in the wonderful place I am today. My health may not be the best, but he brings my spirit up literally all day long.”