An Update from Wounded Warrior Donald

A wonderful update from Donald, a Wounded Warrior who was at Laurel Ridge here in San Antonio and adopted beautiful Maximus. He is working with a Service Dog trainer in California. Donald writes:

“I’ve been so busy getting adjusted to being in the real world and military again and training Max. I’ve been training with him daily. We have worked on heeling on my left side. My trainer and I have been really focusing on heeling; for example – Max has at all times to keep his shoulder to my knee when I walk and not have his full body past my knee. We also been working on changing directions and having Max stay in a perfect heel.

In addition, when I stop walking, we are training Max to immediately sit and wait. We are working on having him stay at a spot while I walk away 20 to 30 yards without coming to me while give the command stay. I’ve been walking with him every day to get the motion of him heeling beside me more fluid and natural. There’s some more things we’ve been working on but that’s the major ones. I will send pictures later today when I’m off work of Max. He is wonderful!”