Update from Andrew and SD Ender

A wonderful update from our past client, Andrew, who works as a Crime Prevention Specialist with the Police Department in Virginia, and his Service Dog, Ender!

Dear Laurie,
Ender is doing great! We keep a regular training regimen just so that he stays up to par. He’s still a local celebrity! In fact, our local Starbucks has made him their unofficial mascot! It’s one of his favorite places to go, and it forces me to go out the house and interact at some level with people. (I threw away my coffee pot for this reason as well.) I’m attaching a picture of him there. We actually had his birthday party there in December. I was asked to speak to our local American Legion the other day about Service Dogs. They want to raise funds for local veterans in need of one. Out of that, I (we) were asked to do two presentations next Saturday in Williamsburg, for students entering the medical field, about the benefits of Service dogs. It wouldn’t be possible to do without Ender’s help! I’m a little anxious about it, but I got them to break the students up into small groups and schedule breaks for Ender and I.

Thank you again!