Tremendous adventure for Wounded Warrior Andrew

A tremendous adventure for our client, Wounded Warrior Andrew, and his Service Dog, Mozzie! Now that Andrew is officially separated from the military after suffering from severe PTSD, he decided to try a wonderful, new, healing and bonding experience with Mozzie – hiking the Appalachian Trail together! Here is a link to his journal – it’s just fascinating!

Andrew did call me yesterday because he said that Mozzie is getting a bit “overprotective” of Andrew in certain situations – especially when night falls and strangers walk by the tarp he is sleeping under – or when they meet certain people at the hostels along the way – but I explained that this is perfectly natural, because their bond is so close, and Mozzie is just watching out for Andrew with all the smells of the forest and smells on new people that he might be alerting to. Mozzie will just emit a small growl in certain situations, but stops immediately once Andrew checks things out.

Otherwise, when the two of them are hiking for miles, Mozzie is happy, joyful, curious, and they have had so much fun bonding surrounded by the peace of nature!