Thanks to the San Antonio Police Department

Service Dog Express would like to send a tremendous thank you to Lt. Miles Earwood with the San Antonio Police Department. Laurie and Lt. Earwood met about a year ago when a Service Dog access question came up – and since then, he has been in constant contact with Laurie to help learn the Service Dog access laws. He and Laurie have been exchanging information these past few weeks, and Lt. Earwood is going to ensure that the SAPD Training Academy new recruits and existing officers become more aware of how to handle SD access issues. This will help our clients tremendously when there are access problems and the police are called (which we always recommend). Lt. Earwood last wrote:

“Dear Laurie:

I have already sent the information you have gathered to our Training Academy Commander and requested they generate and disseminate a training bulletin on the matter regularly.

Take care,
Lieutenant Miles Earwood #4015
Desk: 210-207-6549
Email: [email protected]
Monday – Friday; 7:45 am – 4:30 pm

SAPD’s Guiding Principles:
Integrity – Respect – Compassion – Fairness”