Ryan and Blue

From our trainer, Beverly, who met for the first time with Wounded Warrior, Ryan, who suffers from severe anxiety and epilepsy. She writes:

Attached is a picture of Ryan and his dog “Blue”. I went to evaluate Blue and discussed the process with Ryan on our first visit to see if Blue would be suitable for Service Dog work.

Blue is young and quite energetic, but we had decided, since he already has a bond with Blue, to do a few sessions and see how regular training impacts her focus and ability to work with Ryan. Ryan described that on walks she did very well, with minimal pulling and seemed attentive (not losing focus due to her young age.) However, a couple nights after that session, Ryan texted and asked for assistance to find another dog. He said that unfortunately, he realized that Blue’s energy level was too much for him, and he’d like an “older more established dog.” I will work with Ryan to try and find the right dog for his needs.