Remember these 3 steps if you are denied entrance

To all clients – very important information. We, of course, have all had incidents perhaps where we were denied entrance with our SDs. It’s CRUCIAL that you remember these three steps if you are denied entrance.
1) Tell the person in charge that this is a Service Dog, and it is against Federal law to deny entrance.
2) If that doesn’t work, call your trainer or call me (210) 201-3641 to have us talk to the manager.
3) Call the police. They are well-versed in Service Dog accessibility. And make sure you notify the person in charge that you are calling the police and do it IN FRONT OF THEM. 911. Let them know it is a Federal offense and they will be charged with a misdemeanor and fined – in some states, it’s a felony.
You have to take these steps and stand up for yourselves and your SDs. Don’t leave. Do what is right. If you don’t have an ID for your SD with the Federal Laws on it, go to the Active Dogs site below and make sure you keep one of these cards or more on you at all times.