Prayers for Tony

PLEASE pray for our dear former trainer, Tony, and client – my second Service Dog trained years ago. He already had one kidney transplant donated by his AF wife – He has since moved – but wrote the following:

“Laurie – Well my kidneys finely failed – had to get emergency surgery to place a catheter in my chest for dialysis, and to go back to get the fistula raised in my arm so now I to go get plugged in to a machine every other day..
Miss you all. Love, Tony and SD Lucy.”

His lovely young daughter wrote:

“My dad (Tony Cuciniello) had the first round of dialysis today he got through it great just really tired from the surgery they did to put in a central line I’m proud of him he has been through so much and stands strong I just hope he feels better soon and I’m here for him no matter what smile emoticon I love you daddy.”

His loving wife wrote on their anniversary:
“23 years ago I married the man of my dreams Tony Cuciniello, who I love just as much now as I did then. 15 years ago today is also the anniversary of Tony’s kidney transplant. Happy Anniversary sweetheart. I love you now, forever and always!”

Here is a picture of Tony being comforted by his forever companion, SD Lucy. His daughter put this hat on him to make him feel happier.