Please welcome new client Chris!

Chris is an amazingly kind man, who fell in love with Rusty, rescued and trained by Ms. Cherry Jenkins. Chris has been a policeman with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in Austin for 27 years. He was diagnosed with PTSD in 07 and suffered until 2011. Now, he teaches about PTSD, Peer To Peep (P2P) Support, and works with the Stephen Ministry at Church. He has been considering a Service Dog to take to classes when he teaches as well as when he has one on one visits with others who are suffering. But he first wants to heal himself fully with the aid of a Service Dog.

Chris and his wife drove down from Austin, took one look at Rusty, and it was as if they had been bonded for life!! Cherry said she had literally never seen anything like it! Rusty followed Chris around EVERYWHERE – snuggled with him, walked with Chris’ wife, and when they had decided to adopt Rusty, Rusty went right to Chris’ truck, sat, waited, and loaded as if to say “OK, daddy – let’s go!” Chris has jokingly said to me that his looks belie his big heart – he’s a very tall, broad man that everyone thinks “must be rough” due to his appearance, but he is kind beyond words. Obviously, Rusty knew that, too. Never judge a book by its cover!

We are SO happy for Chris and Rusty!!! Here are pictures on the way home – Cherry will send more showing the meeting once she gets her phone fixed!!!