Ossie and Hua Hua

From our brilliant trainer, Brian, who had his first session with Ossie and his new SDIT, German Shepherd, “Hua Hua”. Ossie suffers from severe anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Last week Brian met with Ossie and Hua Hua at the foster’s home to introduce the two to find out about handler/team compatibility, equipment testing, rapport instruction, and the final adoption of SDIT Hua Hua!

Homework given was simply to have Ossie and Hua Hua establish rapport and bond for at least one week, with no training. Let’s hope it works out!

UPDATE: “Hua Hua was officially adopted the other day! Her new handler Ossie was in love from the minute they met, and Hua Hua was eagerly taking food and loved being caressed off the bat! Hua Hua is a bit camera shy, so it looks like I’ll be sneaking pics from my phone from now on! Picked up a crate, martingale collar, food, oatmeal shampoo and Advantix on the way home… awesome experience with two beings that deserve each other!