Noelle and her SDIT Hazel

Our lovely trainer Brenda had a session with Noelle and her SDIT, “Hazel”. She writes:

“Noelle, Hazel and I met at HEB to work on distractions in public. We walked around the store and stopped to look at things to make Hazel sit and be patient. She did well walking around, mostly heeling and not pulling, and paid no attention to people or carts. She was, however, very distracted by food on the floor. It was a little struggle getting her to sit, but once she did, she stayed put. She did stop every time Noelle stopped. We stopped to sit at a bench outside to have Hazel “down/stay”. That was harder to get her to do, but again, once she was down. she mostly stayed down. Noelle said she minds better at home, doing the commands when they are first given, so I think she needs to do more work out in public. Noelle is going to get some “Pet Corrector” to try and get her attention back faster, and is going to take her out more often, especially to places that Hazel needs to sit or stay and relax to desensitized her and make sure she is ready to take to school next year.”

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