Makes your heart swell with pride and joy

You know when you have one of those clients and their SD that when you see pictures of them together, it just makes your heart swell with pride and joy? Well, it’s that way with the most compassionate Wounded Warrior, Marine Andrew, who is finishing up his separation from the Marines due to PTSD and TBI, and his BFF, the adorable “Mozzie”. Working diligently beyond belief with the amazing Unleashed Dog Training in North Carolina, near Camp LeJeune, these two have consistently impressed me with their bond and their dedication. Talking to Andrew on the phone often to maintain that bond between he and I while he is undergoing training in NC has been an absolute privilege. He is going through some difficult times right now – we are trying our hardest to get his Chain of Command to allow Mozzie into the barracks for the short time Andrew will be there for out processing – please wish us luck. They NEED each other!