Love at first sight meeting

Service Dog Express Today was a great day for Kelsie who had a love at first sight meeting with Chocolate lab mix, Choxi!

Choxi showed off her perfect heel and showered Kelsie with kisses!
Sweet Choxi will be accompanying Kelsie to work with her, Kelsie is a Chaplain at a hospital and is studying to be a Pastor. Kelsie has the full support of the hospital staff.

Choxi’s tasks will be to calm her when she is anxious, lay on her when she needs to lay down with a cuddle, and alert her out of bad dreams.Service Dog Express

It is obvious that Choxi and Kelsie make an awesome pair, I am so looking forward to doing more training with them next week.  Choxi was rescued from Animal control just hours before she was due to be euthanized. She is now going to change the life of a very deserving and charming young lady