Laurie’s Reaction to her Birthday Gift

Laurie’s Reaction

From Laurie:  Look what my dear, dear husband got me for my birthday. I can honestly say that it was the most meaningful gift he has ever gotten me – I literally couldn’t stop crying. See, Joey is a die-hard Aggie. There is Aggie paraphernalia all over our house. MY undergraduate Alma Mater, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has very little paraphernalia unless you are shopping for items for the robot you just built or the computer you just reprogrammed to launch nuclear weapons. (very techy school).

ANYWAY, apparently, two months ago, he started this process with Mary’s Stitchery and Crafts, run by dear Mary Chabrian (see her FB page!) and loved by all Wounded Warriors who send her their uniforms to make the most awesome Service Dog vests! Joey went to the Carnegie Mellon site and he and Mary ordered a men’s flannel robe for fabric with my school’s colors, and they found a perfect patch with CMU’s name on it, added the Service Dog Express graduate patch, and added the pouch for Bonnie’s ID. It fits PERFECTLY!!! Mary is an absolutely AMAZING craftswoman, and my husband couldn’t have given me a more meaningful gift. Now I have to be nice to him for a whole year…

I am so, so blessed.  (Ironically, I had just rolled out of bed and put on an Aggie hat to hide my non-made-up face)