Latest on Tyler and SDIT Destiny

An extremely moving comment from Jo, whose son, Tyler, struggles with epilepsy and has SDIT Destiny, rescued and trained by Cherry Jenkins with Service Dog Express and In Dog We Trust, and still receiving training up where Tyler lives to help alert to and help with seizures. Jo writes:

epilepsy “Nobody really gets having a child with epilepsy unless they live it too. Watching Tyler swim at this competition today in TWO events is mind blowing. Considering what he has going on in his brain while trying to swim FAST. Fighting constant electrical surges in his brain that confuses his body. Fighting FOUR anti-seizure meds in his system whose jobs are to SLOW his brain down.

So my son may not finish first. He may come in last. Either way, I could never be more proud of him.

And yet still I wonder what WOULD he be capable of doing without all that gunk. I just battle myself to not let my mind go there too often.

Waiting on his two swim events! Proud nervous mom in the stands. Dad is on deck in case of emergency”.

Update – 2nd in his heat for 50 freestyle 30.80!!