Kendra’s selfless act

Here are some bittersweet pictures of the day Kendra, our client from New Jersey, and her mother flew in with TBI and PTSD trained Service Dog Sadie, so that they could hand her off to a client that needed her more than Kendra now that she is recovering. It was a very, very difficult day for Kendra and her dear, loving mother – but they knew in their hearts that there was someone out there who could fully utilize Sadie’s amazing skills. Sadie is staying with the most wonderful foster – Jill – and will be meeting her hopefully new “dad” with PTSD and TBI, Wounded Warrior James, this coming week!!

Kendra and her mother arrived back home in New Jersey, and they have definitely felt the absence of this amazing Service Dog that they have had for almost her entire life. But both Kendra and her mother are so strong – they fight back their tears with the reminder that Sadie will continue to help someone else and retain the amazing, loving spirit that only Kendra could have instilled in Sadie.

Here are some pictures of the last day they had together. Of course, they will always have visitation rights!!!!