Joyce and her Boxer, Willa

From our trainer Shannon, in Virginia, who is working with client Joyce, who suffers from PTSD, and her 9 month-old Boxer, Willa. Joyce is self-training the basics, but needs help with the more advanced skills.

“Hi Laurie! Joyce is working consistently, training every day with SDIT, Willa. Willa is learning the basics and doing very well! I have advised Joyce not to rush and to enjoy the special pride of taking her time with Willa! We also discussed heeling, and I advised Joyce to use the Pet Corrector when Willa fights the leash, accompanied by a gentle NO. I informed her she is doing great and to not rush the process. I also advised her take Willa out once a week in her vest during the walks so she gets used to wearing it, and to work up to a public appearance with Willa as a self-confidence builder when Joyce is feeling confident and ready to take that next step!”