John, a Navy Veteran, and his Sancho

We received these adorable pictures from our longtime client and friend, John, a Navy Veteran, who suffers from the after-effects of strokes and a heart attack, and his “partner in crime”, SD Sancho. John’s caregiver, Mary wrote:

“Hello Laurie,

We had to send you these. We gave Sancho treats and he earned them! If Sancho talked he would have asked for the treats. I laughed then I saw how Sancho waited with incredible patience until he got a treat. I could not get a picture before these and he had his nose to the treats, but he restrained himself! John could not be more proud of Sancho being Sancho. John laughed too, and then showed how much he loved Sancho by rewarding him for asking for the treats. This made John’s day!

Love ya – John, Mary, Michele, SD Sancho, SD Snowball, and Kathy”

It’s wonderful to hear that John was happy – he has been through so much – but he never lets his disability keep him from keeping up with training his SD, Chesapeake Bay Retriever 8 year-old Sancho. They have a bond that is truly inexplicable.