Heather, Marcus and SDiT Duke

From our trainer in Ft. Worth, Candace! She is working with wonderful mom, Heather, and her 7 1/2 year-old son, Marcus. Heather writes that Marcus suffers from PTSD and anxiety as a result of severe abuse and neglect he suffered prior to our adoption when he was 4 1/2. PTSD disrupts his life on a daily basis. He is a bright, compassionate, energetic young man who is being limited by the ghosts of his past. Poor Marcus’ PTSD seems to be most intense at school. The hustle and bustle of school can be overwhelming to him. His teacher reports a lot of hyper-vigilance behaviors that interfere with his ability to focus in class. He is constantly on the lookout for trouble and has to sit in a spot where he can see the whole classroom. . Often, he is afraid of sleeping in his room by himself because he has frequent nightmares / night terrors. His mother is completely committed to helping Marcus with the aid of a Service Dog.

“We’d like to give a warm welcome to Heather and her son Marcus! They just added Duke to the family and are beginning their journey. The only thing I did with Ms. Wilson this session is help assess the dogs, providing pros and cons. Duke really took to Marcus. They are both in the higher energy realm, so it looks like they will be great buddies! More than that, Duke will be a wonderful companion for Marcus. Ms. Wilson reports that they are doing well with leash training, but mostly they are working on the two bonding. They will start working on the easier commands sit and down, but more than that, play! It’s just wonderful to see Marcus happy! Here are some pictures of the two Marcus and Duke the day after they brought him home. Looks like a great match to me!!”