Happy update from young Kaylee’s mom, Linda

Such a happy update from young Kaylee’s mom, Linda! Kaylee suffers from progressive hearing loss, and her SD Trixster is so wonderful. We are going to do more specialized training regarding Kaylee’s hearing needs, but Linda did want to share this.

” Hi Laurie! I wanted to share with you a very good experience. Kaylee has severe allergies to pretty much everything outdoors. She had started a shot treatment while we were in Germany, but stopped when we moved stateside. She finally said she was ready to start again so we made her an appointment with an allergist here in the medical center. We knew that they would be repeating the skin test and Kaylee really wanted to take Trixster with her. I was a little hesitant because it is an allergy clinic and they must have a lot of patients with allergies to dogs, but in the end I told Kaylee we would take him but if we were asked to take him outside we would given the circumstances. Surprisingly enough, they were completely OK with Trixster being there! The doctor even allowed Trixster to sit up in the patient bed with Kaylee! When I asked him if he was sure, he just smiled and said “I have staff that can clean up the room once your gone and the next patient won’t even know he was here.” How awesome is that? I don’t know if people just respond differently to kids with Service Dogs rather than adults with Service Dogs, but I feel so blessed that we have never had a problem taking Trixster anywhere!”