Hannah and SDIT Addie

From our trainer in Austin, who is working with 16 year-old Hannah, who suffers from PTSD and anxiety.

“Hi Laurie!
I had a great session with Hannah and SDIT Addie, her German Shepherd puppy!

Last time we met, we worked on Addie’s excitement towards people and dogs in public, and she has made HUGE progress! Hannah got Addie a head halter due to Addie pulling on the leash, and it made a huge difference!

We spent some time inside Petsmart to expose Addie to a dog environment and then went outside and worked on loose leash walking in the park with the head halter on. She is still getting used to it, but her walking with it made a huge difference for Hannah being able to control her. Addie has an obsession with little children, so we went over to a playground, sat on a bench and worked in on keep her settled while there was a child running around so Addie could get used to them.

I made the suggestion that they go to a playground, find a bench to sit on and over-expose Addie to kids so she gets desensitized to them.

Hannah also asked me about how to make Addie’s recalls stronger. I suggested putting Addie on a long leash and call her over and treat her every time she comes to her. Another way to make her recalls much stronger is doing it at a dog park when she is around other dogs and distractions, and just practice calling her back and highly reinforcing that.

They both did great today and can’t wait until our next session!”