Greg and SDiT Missy

From our trainer, Jackie, who had her first training session with Greg and his SDIT, Missy. Laurie will continue to work with Greg and Missy after this point. Jackie writes:

I met with Greg on March 1st to work with him and Missy on her Service Dog Training for some cognitive developmental delays, depression and anxiety. Greg has continued to work with Missy on sitting. This week, we worked on having Missy sit at the door before she is allowed outside. If Missy broke her sit-stay once, the door was opened, and she had to be placed back into a sit before being released to go outside. Greg also worked with Missy in “catching in the moment” of her “down” to decrease the amount of time it takes her to learn his new command.

We noticed Missy is obedient but has a short attention span as many dogs do that are new to training. Training accommodations and recommendations were made and written down for Greg to continue working with Missy. They are: 1) Missy must sit and “wait” at door before going out. 2) Practice with Missy from only 10 minutes at a time three times a day at this point because Missy has a short attention span. This amount of time will increase as we continue to help you train. 3) Keep Missy in a harness for now so that you can easily put a leash on her if someone comes to the door 4) Do not assume that Missy understands the “stay” command yet. For example: I would not let loose of the leash anywhere thinking that Missy will stay. Do not let Missy off leash at parents’ home in backyard because Missy could easily escape through the barbed wire fence until she learns “come” and “home”. 4) Whenever there is food anywhere (table, counter, tray table, etc.), assume that Missy can reach this food while still untrained.

Overall, it was a very good and enjoyable training session!