Great Self-Training…DUDE!

A lovely update from trainer April, who started working with Mike, a Wounded Warrior who suffers from anxiety, depression, and possibly PTSD, and his SDIT, “Dude”! Yes, that’s the dog’s awesome name – “Dude”!!!

“I had a wonderful first meeting and training with handler Mike and his super German Shepherd, “DUDE”. Mike has already taught Dude a lot of basic obedience. I was very impressed. Dude can sit, stay, down, come, leave it, wait, etc. We worked on the proper way to load and unload in a vehicle. We went over what is needed to pass the PAT test and what Mike and Dude can expect in our training together. I answered basic questions Mike had about Service Dogs and I was able to see were this team is in training and what is needed to complete the training. We walked up and down the side walk in a good heel. We stopped every so many steps and did a “sit” and “watch me”, and then continued on. Dude is a true GSD. Dude LOVES to work and please Mike. Dude has a favorite sitting spot on the couch with Mike. Actually, Dude sits ON Mike when he lays on the couch. Dude is toy motivated and treat motivated, so that makes it nice also.

I am really excited to be working with this team. It won’t take long for Mike and Dude to get ready to pass the PAT test. This team is already to start their in-public training. We are going to start out at a Petsmart and get used to the noises, smells and distractions and see how Dude is with other dogs. Then, we will move down to Target to see how this team does in a store.”