Firefighters and SD Toby

Our trainer, Jackie, had a wonderful idea! Often, when there is an emergency at someone’s home, and they have a Service Dog, the SD isn’t quite sure how to react to EMS, fire engines, sirens, people breaking down doors, etc.. In addition, many of these first responders aren’t quite sure how to deal with a protective Service Dog. So Jackie went out and had a training session with a Fire Station here in San Antonio! She writes:

“Just wanted to let everyone know that the firefighters on 281 and Jones Maltsberger are absolutely awesome! Since a lot of Service Dogs don’t know how to react to first responders and vice-versa, I did a training session out there today. We had about 3 or 4 firefighters working with us. They suited up, moved the truck around, did lights, and did sirens. It was absolutely awesome! I would recommend working with them and any of your local first responders to do this type of training! I let them know they may see more of us doing training out there!!!!

Great job, Jackie!!!! And thank you for participating, client Lindsey and SD Toby!!!