Everyone Needs To Recharge Once In Awhile

From our trainer Andrew, who is working with a wonderful client who is actually a VA psychiatrist who works with veterans who have PTSD. Unfortunately, she herself, developed PTSD and anxiety as a result of this intense work, so she is taking a hiatus to get better – and using a Service Dog is one of her top priorities!!

“We had a two hour session this time. We covered everything from loose leash walking, all basic obedience commands, to proper body language and command gestures. We covered how to teach a strong-willed dog like Olla to “down”, using a slippery surface like a linoleum floor to eventually cause her to submit and reward for each down. We talked about the importance of a structured regiment. I went over 10 basic behaviors, and 4 fun games to play, making the process fun and teaching Olla to work with higher drive and engagement.”