Emmet and Daphne

I am so happy to say that our dear client, Emmett, who is a college student and suffers from severe PTSD, is doing a REMARKABLE job with his new SDIT, Daphne (rescued, vetted, and wonderfully cared for by Cherry Jenkins of In Dog We Trust). They have an AMAZING bond. Emmett is always so joyful when he talks about Daphne. Emmett is such a kind, compassionate, and intelligent young man, and Daphne just loves nothing more than snuggling with Emmett and looking at him with those gorgeous eyes!! Emmett is at school in Georgetown, TX, but his family lives here in San Antonio. So, we had our first training session when Emmett came down for Thanksgiving break. I was astonished at how knowledgeable Emmett was about dogs and Daphne in particular. We talked about diet, basic obedience (Daphne knows just about every command already), and Emmett said that Daphne is so welcomed at all his classes in school. He said Daphne behaves perfectly – and she is already helping with his PTSD tremendously. Emmett has such wonderful family support! We will train again when they come down for Christmas break – several times. Emmett has self-taught Daphne so many things already, and they are inseparable!