Elizabeth and Zoe

Thank you so much to our trainer, Jackie, who helped me out by doing a training session in a public place for the first time with my client Elizabeth and her adorable SDIT, Zoe. Elizabeth and I had done extensive training for our first session after the meet and greet at Elizabeth’s place of work, and it went very well. Elizabeth suffers with PTSD and anxiety, and having Zoe with her is really helping – at home and at work. Her workplace is also extremely welcoming to Zoe! They were ready for their first outing at a Walmart, as Zoe has already been out with Elizabeth at Petsmart, and Jackie did the session for me. Thank you Jackie! She writes:

“Elizabeth, Zoe and I completed this training session, which was Zoe’s first public visit in a regular store. Elizabeth did a wonderful job redirecting Zoe from all of the distractions and people at Walmart. I worked with Elizabeth to help her recognize Zoe’s nonverbal signals to her, and to anticipate possible obstacles to Zoe’s success in public (ie: needing bathroom breaks, shorter sessions in public). After a short break, Elizabeth and Zoe practiced heeling in the Lawn and Garden section with an automatic “stop-sit” at the end of every aisle. Zoe caught on very quickly, and responded beautifully to Elizabeth’s verbal and nonverbal commands! They have a wonderful bond already!”