Elizabeth and her ‘Bro’

From our amazing trainer, Terry, who is in El Paso! He writes:
This was my first evaluation for Elizabeth and her Service Dog in Training, “Bro”. Elizabeth is a Wounded Warrior who suffers from extreme depression and anxiety, as well as PTSD. She also recently lost her father, who was her rock. So she is dealing with the trauma of that as well.

The first thing that I noticed when entering Elizabeth’s home was that her pets were all well-behaved, well-groomed, fed properly, and very sociable! That in itself speaks volume for her pet ownership, and her adaptability to train to meet and exceed the standards for the Public Access Test.

I performed a quick temperament test and learning assessment with “Bro”, with positive results across the board! These tests were to determine if “Bro” is suitable for the program as a Service Dog. As we walked to the training area, you could clearly observe that Elizabeth and Bro have a wonderful personal connection, and Elizabeth had spent valuable time and took the initiative to start basic obedience training on her on own. These areas received “Good Rating” for this session: Six Foot Recall on Lead, Downs on Command, and Sits on Command.

At our next session, training will include; Noise Distraction, Controlled Unit into and out of buildings and parking lots, Off Lead, and Controlled Entry through a Doorway. Elizabeth and Bro have a good grasp of the concept of training – a true recipe for success!