Ed and SDiT Edison the Great Dane

A wonderful write-up from our trainer, Terry, in El Paso, who is working with Edward, who suffers from PTSD and TBI, and his Great Dane, SDIT, Edison!!  Terry writes:

“Good Day Edward & Edison!

I would like to thank you for our Saturday Dog Training Session.

 Leash Control: Was very good when you, Edward, gave your SDIT a command. You were in a great position for this execution, and you both did the action in unison.

Canine Drive: Edison has a strong desire to please you, Edward, the initiative to do great things, and stamina to make all of that happen. You also possess similar desires and motivation, coupled with the ability to control and maneuver him through his daily duties as a Service Dog.

You did well on the following tasks listed; Heeling through the building, Six foot recall on lead, Sits on command, Downs on command, and noise distraction.

I can tell that you and Edison have been doing a lot of work together. Please keep up the good work.  Please continue to work on the proper commands for each test areas.

This next session will include the following commands listed below.

  • Off lead
  • Approaching a building
  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Passive, active, and hand commands. All dogs should honor your commands verbally and with hand gestures.
  • Controlled unit and Load unit vehicle

Edward and Edison – I look forward to our next session! See you then!